What is the 3SM?

The 3SM (South Staffordshire Society of Magicians) is a club designed to inspire, develop and achieve skills and talents within the art of Magic.

3SM was formed in 2008 by magician Chris Congrieve and has been a strong club ever since, with past members such as Paul Pickford and Craig Petty to name just a few.

Today, the 3SM is a club that devotes itself to the expansion of knowledge within Magic for it’s members, and offers a “session” like feeling to it’s meetings.

Do i need to be a Magician to join?

We welcome everyone to the 3SM, from hobbyists to working magicians. However, with that said, you must have a healthy interest in magic to become a member and as such, many of our meetings are not open to the General Public. The best advice we can give you here is get in touch with us via email for further information from our club president, Ian Brennan.

Who are 3SM?

The 3SM is comprised of many people from all walks of life, with varying experience and interests. Hobbyists, beginners and experienced professional magicians make up the society.

However, unlike many other societies, 3SM has a very friendly and welcoming feel to it, and help is always on hand if you need it.

Do i need to Audition to become a member?

The short and simple answer is…no!

The club was founded on the principle that all are welcome and no limits or constraints are placed on future members, as a society should be one to nurture talent from all ages, but also keep interest alive within the fields of Magic.

How often do you meet and where?

We meet typically every two weeks on a Monday evening, from 8pm to 10.30pm.

The meetings take place at Longford House, Beefeater, Cannock.

Do i need to pay to join the society?

As with all Societies, a subscription fee is payable when you join. This fee is £40 per year.

The reason why this asked by each member is that while we are a non-profit society, we do need to pay for the meeting room at Longford House, as well as the Lectures we supply by top magicians throughtout the year.

You also recieve a 3SM pin badge to show you are a member of the society.

But most importantly, you will recieve a warm, fuzzy feeling inside to be helping your club stay alive and well.

Can family members come and watch me at the Society?

Yes, but only on Public Event nights.

Most sessions at the club are for Members Only and this is because secrets within the magic community are shared quite often, and this is something we want to keep out of the eye of the general public.

Can i ask for help if i'm stuck with magic?

Absolutely, yes!!

We love to help our members with any issues they have in practicing an effect, or constructing a routine. Encouragement and positive criticism is important to the development of any magician, new or professional alike.

Many of our members will take the time to sit with you and help you get your effect right, or offer advice where needed.

I see on the site you have competitions. Can i enter a competition?

There is nothing to stop you from entering any competition within the club provided you are a fully subscribed member.

With that said, it is always advised that you have at least a year’s backround in magic before entering. We say this, not as a rule, but as advice because being able to perform your magic as competently as possible is very important, so training for that year or so is only going to help you.

Ideally, before enterin any competition, come along and see one first as a spectator, to see what is involved and then you are prepared for the process.

Are under 18's allowed at the club?

As a society we did offer a under 18’s club on the same night, a few hours before the adult club arrives. However, turnout for this has been low and no real demand has been asked for this, so at the moment, we are not offering this.

Can i belong to the 3SM and another Magic Society?

Of course you can!

Many of our members are also members of societies such as the Wolverhampton Society of Magicians and the British Society of Magicians, and not foretting of course the exclusive Magic Circle.

Do you give training in magic?

As with any hobby or interest, the hard work is down to you, the time you allow to dedicate yourself to it, and the source materials you have or buy.

Because learning even a basic sleight can be intensive and time consuming for beinners, we don’t offer a direct one-on-one training, but we are happy to offer advice and show you how it’s done. The studying and work is all down to you.

We can offer advice on many books and DVD’s to help you get started, or to help your particular issue. For the most part, beginners should buy a book called “The Royal Road to Card Magic”. This is the beginners bible, so to speak.

What if i can't attend a meeting?

That’s no problem at all. There is no minimum attendance with the society and we understand that we all have lives outside of magic (well, most of us do!).

If you can’t attend, then just let us know!

I'm very shy. Can i take the evenings at my own pace?

To be completely honest with you, most of us are shy when we first attend a club or society with which we are unfamilliar. So please do come along, as it will help you get to know others with an interest the same as yours, and you’ll meet very friendly and welcoming people from all ages.

It’s this experience of people that will also help bui;ld your confidence to perform magic for a spectator.

Who is in charge of the society?

The society is very lucky to have two seasoned and friendly individuals who make up the presidency of the society. These people are Ian Brennan (Club President) and Darren Pearce (Club Vice President).

These people, along with certain members of the club who form a General Council are the ones who decide what the society offers, the events planned and in which direction the club moves forward year upon year.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to approach anyone for advice or information.

Am i sworn to secrecy within the society?

Unlike the Freemasons, we don’t have any secret handshakes or documents you need to sign to be sworn to secrecy.

However, because you are a magician, or wantin to become one, giving your secrets away to spectators or anyone who asks how it’s done, is counter-productive to what you are trying to achieve. Secrecy is a vastly important aspect within magic, and as such, should be taken seriously.

When it comes to other magicians, share away. It”s one of the best ways to learn!

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